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Have a queston? Need some information before you get started - check out our pro tips.

How important is deck maintenance?

Your home is (most likely) the biggest investment you have, and like any good investment you want it to go up and maintain it's value. A great way to do that is to keep you outside and deck areas maintained. 

If you don't take care of your decks  - wood or vinyl - they can weather and look unisghlty. Not only is less enjoyable for you while you own your home but for a potential buyer, decks that look bad, or need replacement due to lack of up keep take value away from your home. 

The vinyl decking membrane on your deck not only makes the deck enjoyable for the homeowner but it also protects the wood structure underneath. If a homeowner does not maintenance a damaged vinyl deck it can cause the wood structure underneath to rot & leak and result in a much more costly repair. If you are worried about the current state of your deck call us today for a free estimate and advice to give you some peace of mind!

What are the best type of gutters for my home?

There are wide variety of gutter styles and colours available today, with lots of great options. 

Live in a heavily treed area? Built in Gutter funnels & traps would probably be right for you. 

We will take a look at your home and or business and talk to you about what your options are and help you see that vision through to completion. 

How do I know what colour will look best on my home or business?

It's hard to choose colours - especially investing in a siding that will be on yor home or business for a long time. Things to take into account are the colours around you, the style of the neigbourhood and, of course, what you like! Not sure what you like? Search online for sided homes that catch your eye, or take pictures of your favourite homes in the neighbourhood. 

 Have you tried our colourizer to give you an idea of the colours and finishes you can use? 

We have sided many homes and businesses, so we can help too. Contact us if you have questions - we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

How Do I Choose What Kind of Siding to Put On My House?

The choices homeowners have today when deciding on their exterior finishes for their new home or renovation are vast. Below are a couple options that you can choose and why they may be the right option for you.

  1. Vinyl Siding - whether you are deciding to remodel your home or are building a new home altogether, you can eliminate the need for painting forever if you choose vinyl siding. The vinyl siding that we offer today comes in many different texture & color options to suit your tastes. As well, if you are worried about the cost of the materials, vinyl siding is your best choice for the lowest cost material without sacrificing the exterior image of your home.
  2. Hardie (Fiber Cement) Siding - fiber cement is an innovative siding product that increases the beauty, value, safety & durability of your home.  Unlike vinyl siding, fiber cement siding has the flexibility of being painted in the future if you choose to change the color of your home. A few other reasons to choose fiber cement siding are that it is energy efficient, flame/heat resistant and is designed to last against cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites, and other possible problems. Also, homeowners can choose to upgrade to use the 'baked in' color finish option and enjoy the low maintenance (zero painting required!) and warranty that comes along with this product.
What are my options when it comes to aluminum railings for my home or business?

There are a wide variety of railing styles and colors available today to suit your needs and taste. 

Live in an area with a beautiful view? Clear glass railings could be the option for you. 

Are you on a budget? Picket style railings are a definite option.

Do you want the ultimate unrestricted view on your deck or patio? Ask us today about the 'windscreen' system that can provide the ultimate in luxury.

We can take a look at your home or business and discuss your many options with you today.

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