Soffits are typically used as the exposed under-surface of the roof overhang above exterior siding. It’s the ventilation support you need to protect your home from extreme temperatures and moisture. Soffits are available in a range of materials, and it’s a good idea to choose something that will stand up to the weather without rotting or needing to be repainted often.


Traditionally vinyl soffits are used and come in a multitude of colours and finishes. If there is a requirement to have soffits non-combustible due to the location of them on the project then typically we use a non-vented aluminum soffit. When clients ask to have their soffits as a feature of their home it usually ends up that they choose a pre-finished pine product, metal product, or aluminum woodgrain product.

Soffits are more than just a nice piece of trim for your home. They perform the important job of protecting your home’s structure from water damage and help keep your attic well ventilated. Choosing the right soffit for your house will take into account these needs as well as the overall aesthetics of your home’s design.


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